Contact Information
CFB Esquimalt C&POs' Mess' The C&POs' Mess is at the West end of Lyall St before dockyard gate.

Mailing Address:

Chief and Petty Officers' Mess
CFB Esquimalt
PO Box 17000 Stn Forces
Victoria, BC V9A 7N2

Street Address:

1575 Lyall Street in Esquimalt, British Columbia.
C&POs' Mess Contact Numbers
Mess Manager 363-3167
Event Coordinator  363-3180
Mess Clerk 363-3163
Fax 363-8662
Inquiries 363-3163
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Mess President
  CPO1 Gaetan Bouchard
Mess Vice-President
  CPO2 John Drew 250-363-0999
  Sgt Nicolette Ducharme 250-363-7150
Bar Supervisor
  Bryn Badel 250-363-3186
  PO2 Josee Sulyma 250-363-5516
Event Coordinator
  Jim Swanbeck 250-363-3180
  PO1 Jay Jimmo 250-363-7352
Mess Clerk
  Ms. Lilli Smith 250-363-3163
Mess Manager
  Rita Hunt 250-363-3167
Messes & Institute
  CPO2 Herman Rohrback 250-363-5979
  WO Rob Cameron 250-363-4194
Web Administrator
  PO1 Dave Davies 250-363-4227