CFB Esquimalt
Chief & Petty Officers' Mess
General Information
Water's Edge
Come and join us at the Water's Edge just to relax or have a drink from the bar.

Mess Hours
Monday-Friday:07:00 - 15:00
Lounge Hours
Bar Operations Daytime
Monday-Friday:11:30 - 13:00
Bar Operations Evening (or as REQUIRED)
Monday:1600 to 2000(Dart nights 2300)
Tuesday:1600 to 2000(Dart nights 2300)
Wednesday:1600 to 2000(Dart nights 2300)
Thusday:1600 to 2300(Texas Holdem)
Friday:1600 to 2100(Bingo nights 2300)
Weekend hours as required for Functions
Closed all Statutory Holidays
Chief's & Petty Officers' Mess Dress Code
Members and their guests shall be appropriately attired at all times. The PMC shall designate the dress requirements for Mess functions and activities. Regulations concerning the standards of uniform and civilian dress and the occasions for their wear are to be adhered to by all Members and their guests.

Clothing must be of a high standard. Gym wear or shower sandals shall not be worn. There is to be no wearing of torn, ripped, frayed, dirty, greasy or paint covered clothing etc. Clothing, especially tops, blouses etc. must properly cover the person and must not be of a see-through type material. Outerwear, backpacks, and headdress are to be removed and placed in the cloakroom.
Mess Administration

The purpose of the Mess is the building of "esprit de corps" and comradeship, and to provide entertainment, goods, services, and amenities to all of its members.

The Mess has a vital role in fostering the traditions of the Canadian Forces and in particular the customs and traditions of the Canadian Navy. Therefore, wherever feasible and desirable, Naval customs will be used and practiced in the Mess.

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Friday Coffee
Join us in the mess each Friday 10-1030 for free coffee, donuts and chowder.
**For ordinary members only.
Where is the
C & POs' Mess?

The CFB Esquimalt C & POs' Mess is located at 1575 Lyall Street which is at the west end of Lyall Street just before the Dockyard gate.

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